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Learn About User Trends

Quickly see where you are now compared to last year and understand what's driving the changes. Lucidel can assess where your revenue is going and calculate which segments are causing the trend, giving you confidence as you make future decisions.

What trends are taking place?
Graphs allow you to visualize your data.

Discover Segments and Behavior

Discover who is coming to your site and why. Find out which part of your audience is more affluent. Understand which age groups are more loyal and which leave your site before converting.

Should You Pivot?

Understanding how users interact with your site is crucial to your business. Learn how your content drives loyalty and how design decisions affect user patterns. Make your customers happier by understanding what works well and what doesn't.

See Users Bounce

Lucidel answers the questions that impact your bottom line.


  • How are you doing compared to last year?
  • In which direction is revenue trending?
  • Which segments are driving the trend?


  • Are men bouncing off your site more frequently than women?
  • How much time are young vs old visitors spending?
  • Which region of the country brings you the most traffic?


  • Are my visitors college educated?
  • Do Democrats ever come my website?
  • Will Facebook users check out my FB page?


  • Which segments like the new design?
  • Which hate it?
  • I added a functionality, does anyone care?


The web is growing too fast for you to stand still and with running a business already being so complicated, can you really afford the time to muddle through mountains of data and still leave confused?

Lucidel brings you the next generation of web analytics, making you the master of your traffic and taking your business to the next level of success. Try our free trial. If you're not satisfied, we'll make the intern eat his computer. But actually.

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About us

Lucidel was founded in 2011 by Ariel Assaf and Gadi Oren to create the next generation web analytics software.

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